A different level of marketing to expand your customer base.


 BIM Network Member!

Why  become a  member?

* Everyone needs to expand their customer base.
* You and your product will be seen by people who have never heard about you.
* The value for the price is a very affordable.
* You are represented both in person and via Internet.

What is the value ?

1. A one page color flier is designed and printed each month with all of our members business card or promotion ad.  This professional flier will be handed out each month to at least 4 network marketing groups that take place in El Paso.

2. Your business card or special promotion will be listed on our special website section. This page will be promoted using our already established SEO knowledge and expertise for Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as the smaller Search Engines.

3. Once a month a massive email campaign will take place sending out an email blast no less than 5,000 emails promoting the our groups businesses  and promotions.

What is the Cost ?

50.00 membership fee each month with a 12 year commitment.

*Pay the year membership fee upfront:  $400.00

* Advanced marketing for our Network Members.


* Not all businesses can afford their own sales rep.
* No cost to you up front!


What you receive:

1. The above features that are in our Network Members Package.

2. We will representative you as a sales agent on a commission basis.

3. While out networking we will target and match individuals with a specific product you may have to offer.

4. This includes spending quality time in person, phone or email explaining your company and product.

5. Your potential new customer will be given a special promo code that entitles them to your special offer or service. This will be used as well to confirm our involvement in the sales transaction.


The Cost:

1. As a Network Member there is no additional cost to you upfront!

2. Our commission fee is paid when your customer purchases your product or service.

3. Our commission fee? Varies. This can be discussed and agreed upon based on your need and product. This offers flexibility for all businesses.